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Josie Saves the World—And You Can Too is a short story that encourages aspiring social media influencers to find their voice and use it for good. It also offers a little lesson in patience: good things come to those who wait.

Josie's greatest desire is to own an iPhone so that she can use apps and post TikTok videos like her best friend. Her parents cannot afford to buy her one, but she does not give up hope on receiving one as a gift. Christmas goes by and her birthday goes by. When fall comes, her elderly neighbor hears her little, made-up iPhone ditty, which sparks a conversation that leads to a special bond between the pair.

""One leaf, two leaves, three leaves, four...I want an iPhone from the iPhone store..." sang Josie as she skipped through the crunchy leaves on that autumn day."

Through the wisdom of the elderly neighbor's guidance, Josie discovers the power of affirmation, visualization, and gratitude. When she finally receives the gift of an iPhone and also experiences the loss of her kind neighbor, she realizes that she can use her phone and social media platforms to become an influencer for goodness in the world by spreading her newfound wisdom near and far.

Author Bea McGowan has weaved a contemporary parable suitable for the times. This simple story provides instructive, sensible principles that are accessible to young readers and highlights the importance of finding one's voice to do good in the world. This book is most recommended for teens that have an affinity for social media and 'going viral.'


—The Children's Book Review


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