Josie Saves The World - The Back Story

‘Josie Saves The World- And You Can Too’ was written just before the pandemic was officially announced.

It had been a lifelong dream of mine to write a book for children - but I needed guidance and direction! In early February of this year I enrolled on a short course with ‘BookFox’ to learn the trade so to speak. Immediately, I was hooked, and while I had no way to research the different kinds of children's books in my local library (due to lockdown) I was willing to take the chance and write my own book nonetheless.

Shortly after I completed the course I stumbled across an ad online from a publishing company who were looking for authors of children’s books to make submissions! Just a tad prematurely I hit the 'apply' button, not sure what was going to happen next…

There was a form to fill out where I had to submit my storyline - and this is how ‘Josie Saves The World’ was created. Out poured my storyline like milk from a jug! I’m not sure if I raised my head even once to consider what I was writing. My protagonist wanted something but had to struggle before she got it - then something terrible happened and there was a further struggle to make things right and reach the final goal. It was just an outline but I did it and I was eager now to get writing the actual manuscript. I was instantly excited about my storyline - I had a feeling this would be fun to write and boy was I right!

The publishing company turned me down as they were looking for illustrated stories and I was nowhere near that point just yet but I knew I would be some day in the not too distant future.

I spent the next three weeks writing - exploring different scenarios and outcomes, self -editing and making minor improvements. My heart told me that there was something special about this book so I went through the process of seeking a developmental edit. John Mathew Fox of Bookfox completed all editing of my story. John being the expert made some very clever suggestions to improve certain aspects of the script. Much to my relief he did not tamper with the essence of my story in any way.

After a simple revision the book was finally ready to be illustrated. My journey with Sian Costello, one very talented illustrator from my hometown of Boyle, Co.Roscommon (Ireland) - has been a joy from the outset. I have been living beside my computer these past few months for fear I might miss one of her emails. It’s always such a pleasure to view her work and unique style - in fact the more I look at it the more I fall in love with it!

‘Josie Saves The World’ is a story of love and hope in a world where everything feels like it’s falling apart. Bianca at the Children’s Book Review refers to the story as “a

contemporary parable suitable for the times”. In future posts I will talk about the content of the story itself and what it means to me.

In the meantime Sian will be busy tying up some loose ends before our publication date (end August 2020).

We look forward to chatting to you all over the coming weeks. You will find us popping up on your newsfeed again very soon. Your support is very much appreciated.

I hope your child enjoys this little story and takes from it a sense of purpose and an awareness in their own ability to create a positive world in which to live. I'm so excited to bring this story to you.

Thank you for reading!


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